Aon Hewitt’s Sales Force Effectiveness Consulting Practice is focused on helping our clients grow revenue through a productive sales organization. In response to strong interest from the market, we are kicking off three research initiatives this month and invite you to participate. Each survey requires approximately 10-15 minutes to complete and participants will receive a complimentary report of results.
2017 Sales Employee Value Proposition (EVP) Survey
Companies spend billions of dollars each year trying to attract, motivate and retain talented sales professionals. The objective of the Sales EVP survey is to gain a better understanding of the relative value sales employees place on key elements of their total rewards. The Sales EVP survey provides unique value because it includes the following elements:
  • Variable Incentives & Base Salary
  • Quotas & Benefits
  • Company-provided Sales Leads
  • Sales Technology
  • Company Car
  • Sales Training & Career Path
  • Sales Manager/Supervisor
  • Company Brand

2017 Sales Quota-Setting Survey
Quota-setting is currently the top challenge facing sales organizations, with Radford’s 2017 Global Sales Survey declaring that only 38% of sales reps are exceeding quota, a lower number than we saw in similar surveys at the bottom of the recession in 2009. At the same time, quotas continue to increase significantly each year. As a best practice, companies should strive toward 60%–65% of the sales force achieving quota. There appears to be a significant disconnect between the quotas and the business planning process. Get it right and you motivate employees and drive growth. Get it wrong, and you disengage the sales force and drive up the cost of turnover. This survey will seek updated answers to the following questions:
  • Why do best-in-class companies use quotas to determine incentive pay for salespeople?
  • What are the most recent trends related to quota-setting practices?
  • What are best practices in quota-setting and how can the process be improved?
  • Why are so many companies dissatisfied with their current quota-setting practices?
  • What are best-in-class companies using besides quotas to motivate and reward their salespeople?

Future of Sales Compensation Study
Few corporate functions are more change-intensive than the sales organization. Sales has seen dramatic shifts in the use of channels, technology, staffing, and process over the past 20 years. Pundits and practitioners alike anticipate many more changes in the years ahead, including significant impacts to sales compensation design. This research examines how firms are preparing their sales organizations for future changes in this area. We will address plan metrics, mix, mechanics, cost, administration and other key factors. 

We will be presenting the results at the August 2017 WorldatWork Spotlight on Sales Compensation Conference in Chicago. We hope to see you there.

Participation is now open through September 2017

Participation is now open through July 19, 2017

Participation is now open through July 19, 2017

2017 Sales Force Effectiveness Surveys